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A poster – an individual learning process
A poster – an individual learning process

A poster – an individual learning process

Engraving, as an artistic craft, requires a great variety of competences. Gaining each one I find necessary means stopping for a few-month study. From calligraphy, through lettering, typography and architectura drawing, the poster is one among many disciplines in the craft.

Ford Mustang Poster A1

In this artice,  would like to reveal my own development methodology. The most important reason for putting away the styluses and chisels and replacing them with nibs is the belief that if  cannot draw, cannot engrave as well. It is an axiom. Among the various competences  need, there is a drawing skill. However, drawing itself is just one of many elements. I also need to understand the principles of composition and be able to build it. Calligraphy and inter-letter light is the tool to achieve this goal. After two years of practising calligraphy, it is time for lettering as a meta-level. Next, there is
typography as word composition (very personl for me, as I have published three volumes of prose miniatures). Symbols, widely featured by Umberto Eco, not only in his fiction, are equally important. It is why I give myself to the great form of the poster with such passion. It unites my expectations in
this field of art.

the dominant – tyre tracks

I like to give myself to the pleasure of working with real objects meant to be the main subject of work. Sometimes it is difficult, however not this time, as Ford Mustang was within my reach. Such experience gives a hint on what should be dominant. This time it is the tyre tracks. They aroused the most prominent emotions within me. The car itself is admirable, but what it leaves on the asphalt is an experience difficult to replace.

car body projections

Each craft I finish has a long list of things I would like to improve in the future works, but I sign each one with great pleasure and satisfaction.

the signature

A poster form can be done in various techniques. Mine is the nibs and ink. Washing technique gives me a sense of freedom, lightness and conciseness. It makes space for imagination, for me and other people. At the same time, absolutely thin lines made with a flexible nib, eg. Gillot 404, add sharpness
as after cutting with a British Steel razor for Judas Priest, Radoslaw Szaybo.

Concise washing with Gillott 404 flexing nib precision

Which element is relevant, reflects the object essence, shows its temperature and sound, makes you sense it? It is the drawing which helps me discover what is crucial. Engraving can be done with photographic precision with bulino technique. It requires absolute mastery. It is worth knowing, but I am not passionate about that. I know engravers who mainly draw or paint, touching the stylus or a chisel occasionally. I did not understand it untill  I learned to use the stylus. I realised I missed the substance. When you can engrave most of the things you copy, it is no longer an art craft. You need to present the object in your own way.

Boxing gloves – poster A2, nibs, ink

Engraving mastery comes with time. A violinist I know once told me that the music school teaches you the principles you need to abandon one day. This is why I love jazz. Lacking academic knowledge is unforgivable (however not for everyone; I think great geniuses can be forgiven). This is why I keep building my own development program. Just like in college, where the major subjects themselves are accompanied by the secondary ones. All my work is studying dominants and side distant themes. Sales manuals about social media say that it doesn’t matter what the seller says about himself, it doesn’t matter what the product is, but it is important to write about what the buyer gains. I describe
myself in time, in learning and creating. My clients buy crafts because they are mine. They know how the works are made. Not because I am better, but because I am so immersed in their formation.

Honda Shadow poster

Powerlessness, perfectionism and a sense of aesthetics leave me no choice. Many things must be accepted, they are beyond the sphere of influence. But who wants to be passive? We want to influence something, a sense of meaning. I want my works to be perfectly like in my imagination. I want to experience the ability to decide without compromise. I create in such a process and in the shape that is mine. That’s exactly what I’m selling.

Red Hight Heels

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