Grawer - rzemiosło artystyczne
Mnich Original


Engraving is an art craft. In my atelier, you can find piles of books, a table where I work with graphics and an engraving table. In this space, I compose the way of understanding, presenting in graphics and incising with gravers or chisels. It provides with the highest concentration during work.

The result of the engraver’s work is just as unique as handwriting. It resembles the art of painting, where strokes are always a reflection of an artist’s personality. In my work, I use traditional, sometimes handmade, tools, such as gravers, chisels, punches, sharpening stones, handmade brass drawing sets, wooden blocks swamped in chasers pitch, etc.

Engravers table

If a particular engraving requires, I make tools on my own, tailored to specific work. It allows obtaining unique strokes, characteristic just for me.

Silver .925 plaque ‘Arbor super petram’

Copperplate engraving inspired by graphics by Daniel Moroz, drawn for ‘Fables for Robots’ by Stanisław Lem

Copperplate engraving inspired by A. Mucha

I also own the tools by GRS, as I started learning with them. Today they are just an interesting decoration in my workshop.

Brass monograms

I value the craft done with traditional tools and techniques the most. Since I followed my teachers’ advice and focused on listening to my body, breath and my hands, my works have become more personal. This way, I now work only in the way former engravers used to.

I am certain that this job is my vocation. To craft means to work, while the artistic side is like contemplation. Apart from continuous learning and raising my engraving skills, I take regular masterclasses in calligraphy, lettering and traditional ink drawing. When working on a project, I analyze the topos in the history of literature and art. I harmonize the way I understand it together with the way of presenting and incising. It gives the absolute certainty, that, apart from the performance, the subject itself and the way it is presented will also be notable. I focus on this aspect because it reflects my way of understanding, feeling and experiencing the theme.

Basic tools, thanks to which simple works become little masterpieces