Derby cover with the uhlan motif

This time I would like to show the first of two parts of the motorcycle which were made entirely by me, from patting a low-profile lid to engraving a horse motif.


This order is unusual because it combines a lot of interesting elements of craft and artistic work. The need to make a separate element of the motorcycle came from the desire to leave work in a situation where the motorcycle will be sold someday. The ordered parts are to remain with the owner. That is why, instead of engraving on the factory components of the motorcycle, we decided that new ones should be made. In the next stage, a passenger backrest reinforces will be prepared, also as a factory part replacement.

New part hand made as a base for engraving

After cutting out a correspondingly larger circle, it was patted into a light arc. I rely on my own skills, without unnecessary machines and tools. I used an ordinary leather-covered beam, a leather bag, a repousee hammer and fire. On the prepared brass, fixing holes have been marked and drilled. At this stage, it was important to choose the typeface for the topic of work – I chose the Copperplate font. In the next element, where the hussar will be the motive, we planned to make the inscription in Gothic font. Of course, both typefaces are calligraphed by me, not copied as fonts on a computer.

Uhlan - pencil sketch
Uhlan – pencil sketch

Apart from the Uhlans in the central part, the Client asked for the motive of motorcyclists and hussars, which refer to the motorcycle group he is a member of.

Probably the last element we determined was a change from gloss to satin, but only in the central part. We could not give up gloss entirely because we wanted the element to match the chrome parts of the motorcycle and to reflect the way of cutting better.

The uhlan looks best in the right place, i.e. on a motorcycle.

Engraved part on motorcycle
Engraved part on motorcycle

And now I’m starting work on the second part of the order, i.e. the backrest.

*Uhlans were Polish-Lithuanian light cavalry armed with lances, sabres and pistols.