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Mnich Original


On 27. June 2019, according to the decision of the Management Board, I became a member of the Goldsmiths, Watchmakers, Opticians, Engravers and Bronzers Guild of the Capital City of Warsaw and received a dispensation...


Engraving is an art craft. In my atelier, you can find piles of books, a table where I work with graphics and an engraving table. In this space, I compose the way of understanding, presenting...


Mnich Original business card Mnich Original Robert ‘Mnich Olewiński Warsaw Poland Europe phone number.: +48 519 122 736 e-mail:   Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.Name and surname *Email *Message...


Mnich Original engraving manufacture is a place where I unite craft and art.

Because of my personal history, I used to be called ‘the Monk’ (in Polish it is translated as Mnich). This name faithfully reflects the character of work I am committed to.

mnich original logo
Mnich Original logo

From the very beginning, I knew exactly what my logo should look like. I understood very clearly what my expectations were and what I wanted to offer to my Clients. The whole look was meant to be simple yet eruditely symbolic. Consequently, the Monk involves my personal history from the 90s of the last century and painstaking work (in Polish it is translated as benedictine’s work*). The logo includes two gravers as fundamental tools I use and symmetrical shavings. Black and white as the symbols of light and lightlessness, which I use while working on micro carving, depict a kind of asceticism. I believe that only a clear mind and skilled hands holding tools can be the sources of the beauty of engravings. That is why I included all of these elements in my logo.

But why I added the word ‘Original’? When I was defining my style and the logo which represents it, I reached for this term, because it bears more meaning than just ‘authenticity’. It also means the source, the root and the archetype. This is how I see meeting my Clients and their expectations. Each of the pieces I create has to be as unique as one of the hand-written books, rescripted in medieval monasteries or manors.


*Benedictine’s work is a Polish expression for painstaking work. It stems from history and describes the precise, longlasting work of benedictine monks, who rescripted books in monasteries. This job required great amounts of time, effort, precision and patience – the values which I – the Monk – include in my craft.