An elegant Valentines Day gift for her and for him

Although the cufflinks below were made for a man, they could also be a gift for an elegant woman. Ideally, for special occasions, they would both wear jewellery created as a whole. The following were designed for Mr J.A.B. All the dimensions and proportions of the letters in the monogram have their justification in the golden ratio.

Silver cuffinks with JAB monogram
Silver cuffinks with JAB monogram

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Ordered coin a story about emigration

The vast majority of coins are round. In the XII-XVI centuries, they appeared as Brakteat, i.e. they were unilaterally minted in a thin sheet of metal. The pattern appearing on heads and tails was the same, just reversed. In Poland, coins were minted this way by Mieszko III the Old, the High Duke of Poland. This solution saved precious metal in production, but, on the other hand, also caused the necessity of frequent coin exchange (even 3 times a year). We may guess the economic effects.

Reverse of the coin inspired by a Polish złoty

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