The femala shawl clip

This shawl clip (or a scarf ring) is an example of an individual approach to the client. The project below shows the difference between the initial expectations and the final result.

The female shawl clip

The first part includes a client’s general idea. In this case, the clip was meant to be very practical because of two reasons: autumn is coming, so it is the time to refresh the closet. The scarf ordered by the client needed a clip to tie it interestingly. The first idea was a simple buckle, but it would not be challenging enough for me. Of course, I understand this simple shape is the most popular and the easiest one to find on the Internet, so this is where the first concept had come from. My goal is to inspire, and that requires an ability to look at the simplest things from unusual angles. I suggested creating a clip shaped in a letter D, the first letter of the client’s name. I know that everybody has an esthetic sense, but not everybody can express or visualise it. While working on a project, I always imagine it with all the details and overall style and character. Visualisation skills are highly valued here. Then I come up with lots of contrasting ideas. When choosing the right one, I use various criteria – the most important one is to make the following craft more challenging than the previous ones. In this case, I chose the classical calligraphy and the copperplate script. The second element was the acanthus, the motif used for centuries. It can be seen almost everywhere, so developing own style is difficult. And this is why I chose it.

The project: the client’s idea (in the right corner) and my final concept

After spending many hours thinking about the details, I created a project. It seemed fairly faithful to what I had envisioned before and it was accepted by the client. The next step was working with the metal. It is also the time when the idea of details develops and matures. Here, the shapes became more visible after making the openwork.

the clip during the openwork making
The clip during the openwork making

After the cutting was done, it was the time for engraving. Sometimes I need a few hours to think about a single incision, so this is why even simple orders require a long time. Some of the mistakes can be easily corrected, but each correction takes additional time. There also can be a need to start over because of the concept changes. I take my time to provide with the best quality.

 engraving process
Engraving process

Next, I started working with the ring. Although it will not be visible while wearing, I spent on it a generous amount of time. My first teacher convinced me that even the invisible elements should be taken care of. I always follow this rule and do not even question it. These invisible areas are perfect for engraving dates or initials.

 ring fixation
Ring fixation

During the entire process, I take care of the craft as of the whole. The clip will not be entirely seen when it will be worn, but the owner will look at it very closely. Her aesthetic experience should always be satisfying: while taking it out of a drawer, tying or wearing.

 ring fixation
Ring fixation

I hope to receive a photo of the clip tied with a scarf. My clients often do not have time to send me a picture, but this time I am sure to get it. The client is fully satisfied with the result, and so am I. However, as most of the craftsmen or artists, after the finished work, I see what I would like to improve next time. I still hunger for more.